Welcome to GEOG250 – Introduction to Geospatial Analysis with Python. This course will introduce you to the Python coding language using geospatial datasets: satellite imagery, census information, street maps, and environmental data.

Lectures: Mondays and Fridays from 9:30 – 10:20 AM

Labs: Wednesdays from 8:30 – 11:20 AM

08-SepLecture 0Introductions, course outline and expectations.
11-SepLecture 1Fundamentals of Programming
13-SepLab 0Intro to the GIS Lab, IDEs (Posit Workbench & Jupyter), Python Basics, Git
15-SepLecture 2Projections & Pseudo Code
18-SepLecture 3Matplotlib
20-SepLab 1Python introduction: syntax, packages, structure. Simple data I/O, introduction to matplo
22-SepQuiz 1Quiz 1 – Programming Fundamentals
25-SepLecture 4Advanced Plotting
27-SepLab 2IPython Widgets (Leaflet)
29-SepStatUniversity closed in lieu of National Day for Truth and Reconciliaiton
02-OctLecture 5Vector Data 1
04-OctLab 3Vector data: opening, visualizing, basic analysis. Cartopy, geopandas
06-OctDrop-inHomework drop in. Updated from Sylabus
09-OctStatThanksgiving Day
11-OctLab 4More vector data 2: projections, vector operations, more visualization
13-OctQuiz 2Quiz 2 – Vector Data
16-OctLecture 6Raster Data 1
18-OctLab 5Raster Data (IO, Visualization)
20-OctLab Drop InBring any questions you have!
23-OctLecture 7Raster Data 2
25-OctLab 6Raster Data (Normalized Difference Indexes)
27-OctQuiz 3Quiz 3 – Raster Data
30-OctCanceledLab Closed
01-NovLab 7Raster Data (Zonal Stats)
03-NovLecture 8API’s
06-NovLecture 9Analysis in the Cloud
08-NovLab 8Raster Data (Composites, cloud free on the cloud)
10-NovStatUniversity closed in lieu of Remembrance Day
13-NovLab Drop InBring Any Questions you have, highly encouraged to finish Lab 8 today
15-NovProjectsStart Projects
17-NovQuiz 4Quiz 4 – Zonal Stats and Cloud Analysis
20-NovLab Drop-InProject Questions
22-NovProjectsProject work time
24-NovLecture 10Optional code style lecture
27-NovLab Drop-InProject Questions
29-NovProjectsProject work time
01-DecLab Drop-InProject Questions
04-DecLab Drop-InProject Questions
06-DecProjectsProject Presentations