The course is built on the fundamentals of GIS an emphasis on problem solving, modelling, application, scripting and future trend of GIS. It offers students a deeper understanding on GIS from both theoretical and technical aspect. Students get hands on enhanced technical skills in problem solving with GIS. The topics cover broad area in natural resources, social science, planning, online mapping, spatial statistics, networking etc.


IntroductionLab Environment
Data ManagementData SourcesVector Analysis
Spatial Analysis    AnalysisData Management
Terrain ModellingTerrain AnalysisAnalysis
Spatial StatisticsAdvanced Raster3D Modelling
Reading Break 
Mid-TermCensusSpatial Statistics
Modelling PathNetworkCanadian Census
LiDar / UAVSpatial EstimationNetwork
ProgrammingPython BasicsLiDar
Online GISProject DesignPython for GIS
Big/Temporal DataProjectProject
Final ExamProjectProject
Exam period