Syllabus Fall 2022

Lectures:Thursday: 10:00 – 11:20 
Labs:Monday: 15:00 – 17:50   

Course Description

This lab-based course introduces advanced GIS concepts and technical skills related high accuracy data collection, database management systems, and the Geoweb. In addition, the students will explore advanced methods of analysing geographic data.

Leaning Objectives:

The students will learn about the various methods of collecting and analysing geographic data. Drawing on various statistical methods, they will also gain insight into the nature of the spatial patterns existing in geographic phenomena. They will also develop skills for working with spatial databases; web-based tools for storing retrieval and display of geographic data; and ArcGIS and RStudio software.

Course Schedule:

LessonLecture TopicLabs
7 – 9High accuracy RTK data collection No Labs
12 – 16Geographic Data and Statistical Techniques  RTK setup and data collection    
19 – 23Database Management SystemsRTK data post-processing (Lab Submission 1)
29 – 30Database Management Systems  PostgreSQL and PostGIS (Lab Submission 2)
3 – 7GeoWeb  || Landscape Structure and MetricsPostgreSQL and PostGIS (Lab Submission 3)
10 – 14Sampling Methods || Midterm Exam (Oct 13th)Thanksgiving
17 – 21Multivariate Exploratory Data Analysis  Working with Leaflet (Lab Submission 4)
24 – 28Pattern Analysis  PCA Using RStudio (Lab Submission 5)
31 Oct – 4 NovSpatial autocorrelation  K-Means clustering using RStudio   (Lab Submission 6)
7 – 11Regression Analysis  Moran’s I, Local Moran’s I (Lab Submission 7)
14 – 18Simulation ModellingBivariate Analysis (Lab Submission 8)
21 – 25Spatial Decision Support Systems(NetLogo Lab Submission 9 – GEOG 613)
28 Nov – 2 DecCourse Review || Final Exam (Dec 1st)Student Projects
 5 – 9 Project Submission (Dec 6th)Student Projects

Literature Review Instructions (Student Paper)

GEOG-413 Grading Scheme

Lab Assignments (8)35%Due Weekly
Student Projects20%
Student Paper10% 
Final Exam20%

GEOG-613 Grading Scheme

Lab Assignments (9)40%Due Weekly
Student Projects20%
Student Paper15% 
Final Exam15%