Introduction to GIS

This lab-based course provides an introduction to the data management and analysis capabilities of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and provides a foundation in GIS. Topics include: geospatial data sources; attribute management; quantitative analysis; projections and coordinate systems; and raster and vector analysis. This course combines data and common practices from natural resource management and social sciences.

There will be no Labs and Tutorials in the first week, 7 – 9 Sept, there will be a lecture in the first week.


7 – 9Introduction
12 – 16GIS DataIntroduction to QGIS
19 – 23Data CollectionCreating Data
26 – 30Spatial AnalysisCreating Data
3 – 7Spatial Analysis || Midterm Exam (Room 7-238)Vector Overlays
10-14Census DataThanksgiving
17-21Quantitative MethodsExploring Raster Data
24-28Quantitative MethodsWorking with Joins
31 Oct – 4 NovGeocodingCensus Data
7-11Data Quality || Precision and AccuracyGeocoding
14-18GIS HistoryProjects
21-25Data for Decision SupportProjects
28 Nov – 2 DecCourse Review || Final Exam (Room 7-238)Projects
5 – 9Project Submission

Project Proposal

Final Project Outline

Below is the grading scheme for the course this year


Lab Assignments35%Due weekly or otherwise stated
Lecture Midterm15%October 5 (7-238 – Weldwood Lecture Theatre)
Project Proposal5%November 2
Student Projects25%December 7
Final Exam20%November 30 (7-238 – Weldwood Lecture Theatre)


Anthony Jjumba (Lectures):

Office Hours – Room 8-142
Monday: 13:30 – 14:30
Wednesday: 13:30 – 14:30

Ping Bai (SLI): (Monday Lab)

Rulan Xiao (Labs): (Tuesday Lab)

Aragon Jose (Labs): (Wednesday Lab)