Introductory to GIS

This lab-based course provides an introduction to the data management and analysis capabilities of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and provides a foundation in GIS. Topics include: geospatial data sources, input, attributes, formats, and conversions; projections and coordinate systems; and raster and vector analysis. This course combines data and common practices from natural resource management and social sciences.


Online for the fall of 2020

This year is going to be an interesting year with everything being online. As this is an applied course making use of a variety of technology, we will have to carry in a somewhat ad hoc methods. The course grading for 2019 is included as a reference (bottom of the page) to how the students in the course were evaluated in past years.

Below is the grading scheme for the course this year


Lab and Tutorial Assignments35%Due weekly or otherwise stated – 6 assignments with one worth 10%
Lecture Midterm

Midterm Answer Key
10%October 16 (Undecided if it is through Teams or “take home” exam)
Small Assignment instead of Lab Quiz5%Due in Tutorial the week of November 23
Literature Review5%November 13
Student Projects25%December 16
Final Exam20%December 15th – 1:30PM – 4:30PM


Scott Emmons (Friday Lecture/Monday Tutorial):

Ping Bai (Tuesday Lab/Thursday Tutorial):

Emily Bornestig (Friday Lab):

Jose Aragon (Wednesday Lab):