Online and Take Home

This year the midterm for Geog 204 will be a combination of an online synchronous portion and a take home to email later portion.

Synchronous portion on Teams

The synchronous portion of the exam will take place at the scheduled lecture period of 8:30 Friday October 16th.

This will be a typical exam whereby there will be questions to answer in the Teams interface. Scott will create a form in Teams that students will fill out and submit in the time allotted. There will be 1 hour to complete the synchronous portion of the midterm.

The types of questions that can be expected will be multiple choice, short answer or fill in the blank.

There is no way to regulate the use of the internet and students notes, therefore this will be an open book exam.

Take home portion

There will be a small written portion of the exam that will be completed and emailed to Scott by noon October 17th.

This will two questions that will require written answers in paragraph form.

Topics for the midterm

The exam will cover materials from the lectures, but it is wise to review the labs and tutorials to get a deeper understanding of the topics discussed so far. The materials include all lectures (including those on Ocotober 9th).

As mentioned in lecture, this is an experiment in learning for all of us. If you study the materials, you will be able to complete the exam. If there are any technical of procedural issues, we will work through them. Preparing for this exam should be similar to preparing for the normal written midterm methods and is not meant to add any stress to students.