Accessing Dissemination Area stats

We are going to download some census data for Dissemination Areas (DA) for BC. This will work for our attribute data for working with DA polygons in the labs and perhaps for student projects.

Using Census Analyzer

You can connect to the University of Toronto Census Analyzer and download data by:

  • Open the Library Pages
    – Data and Statistics
    – Canadian Data
    – Census Analyzer
  • Login using your UNBC credentials
  • Choose Enumeration area / Dissemination area
    – 2016
  • Select out census values for BC with the following criteria:
    • Step 1
    • Select BC as the province
    • Fraser Fort George as the area of interest (by name)
    • Step 2
    • Total Population 2016 – both sexes (100%) of the data
    • Total Population of Males (100%)
    • Total Population of Females (100%)
    • Total – Population aged 15 years and over that are employed (25%)
    • Step 3
    • CD Name
    • Screen output – we will look at bith HTML and Comma-Separated

From the Census Analyzer to QGIS

We will need to save the data we have from the Census Analyzer to our K drive and then manipulate it to bring it into QGIS. There are several methods, but we will examine one of those methods today

Follow the steps below to add statistics to QGIS

  • Save the HTML file from the Census Analyzer
    – File
    – Save page as
    – Web page HTML only
    – Save to your K drive
  • Bring it into Excel
  • Remove unnecessary rows
  • Remove data at the end of the spreadsheet (always something left there)
  • Rename the fields to make sense
  • Save as an EXCEL document
  • open in QGIS