The GIS Lab file system has been updated for fall 2020.

You can find your personal files in the following locations based upon which operating system you are using.

OSMOTAR.GIS.UNBC.CA: All of your files are in the K: drive. Please note that the C: drive is periodically cleaned, you must save all of your work to the K drive!

Linux workstations: /home/%username%/K has the same contents as the K: drive on osmotar, this is where you should save all files, files not saved in your K folder will be periodically deleted.

Please not for your convience

/home/%username%/Documents is /home/%username%/K/Documents
/home/%username%/Downloads is /home/%username%/K/Downloads
/home/%username%/Pictures is /home/%username%/K/Pictures

Lab Files

On Osmotar you will find the data for your classes on the L: Drive

On linux machines this data is found in /gislab

If you are on the GUI as opposedto bash you may need to click Filesystem on the Left panel, and then select GIS Lab

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