Welcome to GEOG 413 Advanced GIS Labs!

Today we will be going outside to collect some high precision GPS data!

Before we get going lets take a few minutes to make sure everything is in order for the semester try to access the following resources, if anything doesn’t open let Matt know and we will get it sorted out before next weeks lab:

  • Log into your computer and ensure you have access to files in your K: drive (this is where you will save everything as well as L:\GEOG413 (this is where you will find data needed for the labs).
  • Log into https://fileshare.gis.unbc.ca this site will be used to get your database access token later in the course, as well as provides access to Draw.io for making diagrams for lab sumissions.
  • Log into https://pgadmin.gis.unbc.ca, pgAdmin is the program we will be using to modify enterprise databases.
  • Log into https://rstudio.gis.unbc.ca, RStudio is an integrated development environment for R code, and will allow us to publish our projects to https://connect.gis.unbc.ca.
  • (Optional) https://git.gis.unbc.ca can be used as a version control system for source code you write during this course. It is not required but if you are not familiar with Git and would like to learn talk to Matt.

Collecting High Resolution Data

Once everyone is ready we will go outside and learn how to use the Emlid Reach RS+

Lab Submission

No submission is due this week.

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