We are going to take the lessons we learned in the Tutorials and lecture 5 to create a custom project in SMASH and collect some data.

This assignment will be worth 25% of your grade for the course.

It is due November 20th.


We have played with the software and now we will use it to demonstrate how field data can be collected and the pieces of data that are part of typical practices.

Tasks for the assignment

1.) You need to create a project on smash. Name this project accordingly (i.e. your name should be part of the project).

2.) Create a base map tile layer to be added to your project. You do not have to download Prince George ortho photos, but you can use other web tile layers such as ESRI Satellite or Bing Satellite as a backdrop.

This tiled layer should include at least two layers, with at least one of these layers scale dependant.

3.) Create a custom geopackage dataset that can also be added to SMASH.

4.) Create a custom form (tags.json) that can be used for recording your field data. See the details below for more specific requirements.

5.) Collect some field data using your custom forms

6.) Move your collected data into a new PostGIS database (this does not include the photos collected during the process)

Details for the assignment

Write up and questions to answer:

  • What files are created (where on the device) when you create a new projects?
  • Describe the steps used to create a base map tile layer. An example of these details is describe how did you set the scale dependant layers?
  • Describe the steps to create your vector geopackage
  • Describe what addition you made to your tags.json. You can add as many “keys” as possible, but one of those “keys” should be a “single choice combo”
  • Collect at least 10 samples of the forms (notes), as well as at least one track (i.e. log file)
  • Export the data using the interface as well as the gpap file created. Where are the files create during from exporting (i.e. a GPX export)
  • You only need to illustrate how you can move your notes layer and GPX data into PostGIS. You do not have to move any photo data into PostGIS


For this assignment, you will need to include:

Your tags.json
Your mbtiles map tile file
Your geopackage file
Your gpx file from the logs
Your final .gpap file
A write up of your work (screen shots are often helpful)