1. Log into the computer in the GIS Lab

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2. Open Remmina

Press either the windows key on the keyboard, or click the ‘start menu’ in the lower-left corner

Remmina can be found in Applications >> Internet

Or you can simply start typing to search (Note that we want the one that is just Remmina)

3. Create the connection

Press the add button in the upper left corner of Remmina

The fields you need to change are

Name: (To whatever you want)

Server: osmotar.gis.unbc.ca | For GEOG 250 and 450 you will use anaconda-1.gis.unbc.ca

Add your username and password

Domain: UNI

Once this is done press save and connect

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If you use the same computer each week you will not need to re-enter this information simply double click on the name you gave it in Remmina

4. One last step

Your windows has likely loaded rather small, and resizing the window will not make it any bigger.

To fix this simply press the “Toggle dynamic resolution update” and the windows desktop will resize to match Remmina.

If you require any assistance please talk to your TA, or request help at the following link: GIS Tech Support

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