The GIS Lab runs a variety of Software to support students and researchers. The software can be run on computers with various operating systems depending on the software requirements. For computers there are several types

Lab: The Lab 8-125 is equiped with 25 workstations, each with 8 cores, 16GB of RAM, and an Nvidia GTX 970 GPU, running Debian 10 as the operating system, these machines can be accessed in persion, or using VPN and RDP.

Terminal Servers: There are 4 Terminal servers (Osmotar, Ragutine, Sirius, and Siduri), each running 48 cores, 128GB of RAM and an Nvidia RTX 2080 Super, on the Windows Server Datacenter Operating system, these are primarily used for GPU accelerated software such as ArcGIS Pro and Agisoft Metashape.

Webpages: Some of our software is available using just your webbrowser (WebODM, R-Studio,…) most of this software will be accessable once you are connected to the VPN.

Debian VM’s: Debian Virtual machines are created on an as-needed basis for researchers required dedicated computation for longer-term projects, where for example restating the lab computer would have undesirable consequences. If you think your research requires the use of a VM in the GIS Lab please contact the SLIs.

CentOS: There is a cent OS virtual machine available for running PCI Geomatica in a Linux environment, more software may be added in the future. As with the terminal services, this is accessible using VPN and RDP.

Software List

SoftwareAvalable onType of SoftwareLicence
Agisoft MetashapeTerminal ServersPhotogrametryResearch/Teaching
ArcGIS ProTerminal ServersGIS, Photogrammetry, Lidar, Remote SensingResearch/Teaching
Cloud CompareTerminal ServersLiDAROpensource
ESA SNAPLabRemote SensingOpensource
FMELab, Terminal ServersData ConversionResearch/Education
Google Earth DesktopLab, Terminal ServersWebmapsFree
LAS Tools FreeLabLiDAROpensource
LidRLab, Debian VM'sLiDAROpensource
Microsoft OfficeTerminal ServersOffice SuiteResearch/Teaching
Only OfficeLab, Debian VM's Terminal ServersOffice SuiteOpensource
PCI GeomaticaTerminal Services, CentOS VMRemote SensingResearch/Teaching
PyCharm CommuityLab, Debian VM'sProgrammingOpensource
R-StudioLab, WebpageProgrammingFree
RemminaLabRemote DesktopOpensource
Terrain BenderLabData VisualizationOpensource
Visual Studio CodeLab, Debian VM's, Terminal ServersProgrammingOpensource
ZoteroLab, Debian VM's Terminal ServersReference ManagementOpensource
  • Poster plotting is a service provided by GIS lab  for teaching and research purpose only . We need at least THREE DAYS notice (receive the digital file) for poster and FIVE DAYS notice for spatial data. No guarantee for any short notice.
  • The  poster file can be sent by e-mail to:       
  • If the poster is too large for the UNBC email system, send us an email to make arrangements to hand over the poster either by a USB or other way
  • It is your responsibility to make the poster. Please check the poster carefully before sending to GIS lab. Once  sent, you are responsible for any mistakes in the poster and  you have to pay for it. More information is available here.
  • We require you to make  payment when you pickup the poster. We only accept CASH or Internal research fund.  No PD fund please.
  • The color of resulting poster maybe a bit off the original color in some cases, but it is acceptable. We do NOT reprint for this case.